Immersive boutique specializing in magical adornment, ritual supplies, and other mystical goods.

2121 Lincoln Blvd. The Mothership
Venice, California 90291 USA
(310) 626-0187

open M-Sun, 11a-7p


An alchemically charged crystal talisman.


Urban sanctuary and wellness space in the heart of Venice, California USA.

2121 Lincoln Blvd. #B
Venice, California 90291 USA

(310) 661-8989


Research outlet into how images effect consciousness and act as organizing principles for our perspectives, behaviors, and co-evolved Reality.


A personal breathwork guide, right in your pocket.

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Coming soon…

About leo marrs

Leo Marrs is a polymath, cultural creative and wizard. His work is an exploration in evolution by intelligent design — the conscious harnessing of evolutionary principles to design and create a more benevolent world. From a lineage of mystics and meta-minds, Leo's aim is to quicken the evolution of consciousness and culture through the enactment of synthesis.

Leo was born and raised in the Tongass Rainforest of Alaska and currently lives in Venice, California, USA.

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